City Farm Cafe, Perth

Back in February, I visited City Farm Cafe, in East Perth for Brunch. It prides itself on serving fresh and organic food, using only organically grown ingredients. However Perth City Farm is more than a cafe, it in fact embraces the whole concept of organic living. On the weekends, there’s a market that which sells organically grown produce. Perth City farm has it’s own community garden and also a community centre. 

The cafe was certainly popular and busy on a Saturday morning, around 10am. The Rubra coffee beans were great and the food was very tasty. In terms of price, it would fall in the $15-25 range for food & coffee.

While I commend the food, I found the service lacking. In our case, a latte was served instead of a Mocha but it took three different waiters to fix the issue, even then, they did not provide us a new Mocha, instead they provided us with a small cup of chocolate to mix it in ourselves!

Overall, I love the concept of self-sustainability, it’s great to have a stroll around the market after enjoying a nice brunch and the food was nice.

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